ES-SAU - SmartLynx Estonia

ES-SAU is an Airbus A320, originally built in Toulouse and delivered in February 2002. It's powered by two CFM56-5 powerplants and has been operated by AirBerlin, Rossiya Russian Airlines and GoAir among others in the past. It was acquired by SmartLynx Estonia in June 2019, and was left as a bare white plane, shown here.

Depicted as of July 2019.


The repaint is for the Aerosoft A320. Installation can be performed using the Aerosoft livery manager - just drag the complete ZIP file into the livery manager and it will be installed automatically! Compatible with the 32-bit product as standard only, conversion to the 64-bit may be done for your own personal use only.

All trademarks and copyrights remain property of their respective owners. The repaint is provided "as is". Use this repaint at your own risk. Repaint © Thomas Pain 2019

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ES-SAU in real life ES-SAU - image © Gianluca Mantellini
ES-SAU in the sim ES-SAU in the sim
ES-SAU in the sim Another photo of ES-SAU in the sim
ES-SAU in the sim Real life registration and airworthiness certificates