Project Sinensis (current project)

A brand new CTF platform designed to as simple to use as possible while still being a performant and useful product.

Code challenges

Code I write when I'm bored or need something to do. A challenge is a small task to complete based around implementing an algorithm, creating a tool or some other type of application.

RiceTeaCatPanda team website

The website for the CTF team I'm a part of - created and maintained by myself and another team member.


A simple and easy to use response caching middleware for the Fiber web framework.


A cross platform, command line TOTP tool written in Go.


A Discord bot that allows you to manage Docker containers from the comfort of a Discord server.

Reference library

My little online reference of how to do things, things that I'll use often enough to be annoying to Google over and over again, but not as often I'll easily commit it to memory.

Bike computer

Software and hardware to create a Raspberry Pi based bike computer - from scratch!


A digital note management app built to learn how to use Fiber and VueJS to create webapps in Go.


A tool to migrate all your Runkeeper activities to Strava, as simply as possible.


A client for the Hoppie ACARS network, built from scratch using Python and PyQt5.


A neat and lightweight Python 3 API wrapper for the YOURLS link shortener.